The Ministry of Culture declared of interest to the audiovisual production Rinoceronte

The feature film Rinoceronte that is being filmed in the city of Santa Fe since April 19, where it received recognition from the councilor Jorgelina Mudallel, on May 4 it was declared of interest by the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Santa Fe through resolution 144.

Rinoceronte is set in the city of Santa Fe. It is a fiction written and directed by Arturo Castro Godoy who is assisted by the Santa Fe director Agustín Falco. It is a Alto Cine production, which stars the actor Diego Cremonesi (El Marginal 2018-2019; Monzón - 2019; Kryptonita - 2015), the actress Eva Bianco (award for Best Interpretation for the film Los Labios in the 63rd Cannes International Film Festival) and the Santa Fe boy Vito Contini Brea, who are accompanied by other actors from Santa Fe, Rosario and surroundings.

It narrates the life of nine-year-old Damien who is separated from his family and taken to live in a children's home. There, accompanied by a social worker with a story similar to yours, you will have to accept that your previous life is behind you and that it is possible to build a new one.

The project was the winner of the 2018 Fiction Feature Film contest of INCAA (National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts of Argentina)

In 2020 filming was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Fortunately this year, due to the fact that some audiovisual productions were able to shoot again, they are filming under the filming protocol in the city of Santa Fe until May 17, being the first fictional feature film that was filmed after the confinement in the Province of Santa Faith. The production team has the support and advice of the Filming Commission.

The feature film also has a technical team made up of professionals from Córdoba and Entre Ríos, who join the locals, coming together in a joint effort from the Central Region of the country in an audiovisual production from Santa Fe. It is also made up of professionals from Buenos Aires with recognized experience in the sector.

This audiovisual production will activate the economy of the province of Santa Fe with an investment of 20 million pesos generating more than 250 jobs in the audiovisual industry and in different commercial and industrial areas.