What is it?

We are a label emerged from private and public initiatives, which articulates the necessary promotion and connectivity to encourage economic growth, and to generate a sustainable development of the Santa Fe audiovisual industry across the world.

By developing films in Santa Fe province, we promote its natural and scenic places, historic sites, flora and fauna, the expertise of the inhabitants, and its culture.

When was it created?

In 2019 we began setting up the Film Commission. Since 2016 we have been part of the Film Commission Federal Network in Argentina, along with the cities of Neuquén, Río Negro, Chaco, Córdoba, Jujuy, La Rioja, Misiones, Buenos Aires, among others.

What is its function?

We function as an operation center, providing national and international audiovisual producers with all the necessary information to film in our territory: cinema, advertising, television, institutional media, digital media, among others.

We raise the visibility of professionals, services and companies in the audiovisual industry of Santa Fe province.

We establish relations and hold conversations with eminent individuals and entities involved in the cultural activity of Santa Fe and other provinces, as well as with professional and business associations from our local industry.

What information does it provide?

To anyone interested, we supply useful information for the production of audiovisual pieces. This transforms the Santa Fe Film Commission into a valuable tool for any audiovisual project.

After receiving a proper application, we offer a wide range of practical documentation which gathers logistical, geographical and artistic references.

We make available an open database concerning services, suppliers and professionals in every corner of the province, agreements with hotels, accommodation, catering, transportation, mobility, rentals, and others.

We give up-to-date information on weather, temperature, sunlight, roads, distances, and relevant facts about the province.

We share news on open calls, festivals, grants and different opportunities for participation, adding value to the audiovisual productions of our province.

How does it interact with the audiovisual industry?

The connection between Santa Fe and cinema started in the beginning of the 20th century, harvesting award-winning audiovisual works and outstanding internationally known talents. The cinema–province bond kept evolving, and made it possible for our directors and films to appear on screens all over the world.

We engage in the audiovisual industry of Santa Fe by advising producers in this territory, and by carrying out an active policy of international fundraising for audiovisual productions.

Producing an audiovisual piece means more than multiplying job opportunities in the audiovisual industry; it also has an economic impact on tourism, the hotel industry, and the gastronomic circuit. Therefore, it increases employment in the auxiliary trades: carpentry, decoration, lightning, acting, make-up, catering, rural tourism, and regional products.